NETRA V Series UAV is a fully autonomous and highly man-portable small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The drone can be launched from confined spaces and can cover a large area out of human visual and auditory range. NETRA V Series is IP53 certified for ingress protection and also has target tracking capability with zoom-in feature. Multiple fail-safe features enable NETRA V Series to intelligently respond and adapt to unexpected situations.

Technical Specifications

Endurance MSL (Mean Sea Level)
40-60 min
Range (LoS)
4 - 5 km*
3.5 kg
Wind Resistance
Up to 20 knots or 36 km/h
Vehicle Size
1 m x 1 m
Ingress Protection
IP53 Rated for Dust & Water Resistance
Max Launch Altitude (AMSL)
3000 m
Max Operating Altitude (AGL)
400 m


HD Daylight Payload
1280 x 720p, 3x optical zoom
Thermal Payload (Black/White hot)
320 x 240 Pixels
HD Imaging Payload
15+ MP

Ground Control Station (GCS) Features

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