Drones are not just used for military purposes; they have also been used by civilians around the world for a diverse set of non-conflict use cases. These include, but are not limited to, assisting aid agencies during humanitarian crises, helping farmers with their fields, letting conservationists rapidly monitor wildlife and conduct anti-poaching , security surveillance patrols, as well as simple recreational activity.

Growing demand for the use of drone-acquired data in business operations and other insights in drone industry segments. A lot of businesses and enterprises have also adopted drone-acquired data for the efficiency of their operations. More and more companies are expected to utilise drone technology to improve their efficiency and speed up the delivery of services.

Our Drones


NINJA UAV is a lightweight & economical Micro UAV built for Mapping and Surveillance. Ninja India’s most reliable NPNT compliant micro drone. Ninja the most accessible professional Aerial Vehicle flying in Indian airspace.



Q Series is smallest short range VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based on our best-in-class drone technology. It is most economical and efficient drone built with tried-and-tested military design philosophies.



NETRA V Series UAV is a fully autonomous and highly man-portable small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The drone can be launched from confined spaces and can cover a large area out of human visual and auditory range.


Defence & Homeland Security

Drones or UAVs can identify security and terrorism-related challenges and pinpoint vulnerable areas that are prone to various risks. Drones are the modern-day force multiplier that can enhance the capabilities of security forces to contain terror and to counter the emerging challenges in defense and homeland security

Industrial / Commercial Applications

Drones have become an integral part of operations such as mapping, surveying, and equipment inspection; analyze difficult-to-monitor areas, and project monitoring and precision agriculture activities. The deployment of drones for such operations reduces crew costs by minimizing time-consuming ground observations.

Monitoring of Human movement, Vehicles movement and Crowd gatherings in and around Visakhapatnam.

"During COVID 19, a pandemic. While the entire nation is under Lockdown, Deo Apps Pvt Ltd. has come forward to provide Drone support to the real heroes of Visakhapatnam Police dept in monitoring the following activities: Human movement Private and Public transport vehicle movement Crowd gatherings Social distancing Police check posts."

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